In September 2012 I joined Intel Ireland as Process Engineer and since the start of 2014 I have been FE Transfer Engineer for the 14nm process start up to the F24 site. I have spent about 6 months in the Oregon Intel Fab (D1D) to learn and transfer the new technology. At the moment I am responsible for the technology implementation, recipe optimization, tool qualification, critical silicon and ramp readiness. In the day-to-day tool operations and process implementation data analysis plays a fundamental role. Decisions are data driven and the automation of data pulling and visualization is a key requirement to speed up equipment and process troubleshooting. My quantitative background in Physics as well as my strong programming and statistical model implementation skills have been a solid foundation that I have improved and adapted upon for the industry needs during my years in Intel. My ability to dig into data, to find correlations and analyse trends, spotting critical information as well as the development of models and hypothesis is tested daily in new challenges which have amplified my complex problem solving and critical thinking skills.

I have graduated with honours in Physics and I have successfully completed a PhD program in Experimental Particle Physics working as a member of the ATLAS collaboration at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). I am co-author of 400+ publications in High Energy and Detector Physics in referred journals and I have participated to multiple national and international conferences as speaker and organizer.

Upon completion of my profile, I have very good attention to detail and my approach to solving complex problems is practical. I have very good relationship skills and the ability to work in a group, communicating ideas/results clearly to colleagues with actionable data presentations. Nevertheless I am also able to work independently, completing the assigned tasks on time and under strict deadlines.

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